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This page is dedicated to the telling of family history. All information contained here has been presented and prepared by the submitter. It is the intent to educate and enhance the experience of seeking out our roots through shared experiences. If you have any information about the county, cemeteries, etc. Here is the place to put specific information. Please submit your own story or special event about your family in ten lines or less. It must have taken place in Calhoun Co Georgia.



I am of the opinion that Thomas WHITE was my gg-grandfather. From the information and research I have done it is my belief that he lived, died and is buried in Calhoun County.

Thomas White, according to my research, was born in Lunenburg County, VA., about 1773. His father was William White, Sr. and his mother was Mary Hooper White. They emmigrated from VA. down through Pendleton County, SC and eventually into Franklin County, GA.

Thomas White had several children: Nathaniel H., Willam C., Peyton Henry, John G., a son born in 1805 whose name I do not know, George W., born in 1808, a daughter born in 1813, and a son born in 1823 the last of which I do not know their names.

My primary concern is getting more info on Thomas and his second son, William C. (or as I believe William Clinton). From the information I have gathered, William C. (or William Clinton) was born in Pendleton District, SC in 1793. William Clinton married Lavisa Aldridge in Baldwin County, GA., in 1816. They were later residents of Talbot County, GA., and then moved into Russell County, AL., in the late 1830's.

If this is the family you are interested in I would like to hear from you and exchange whatever information that would be beneficial to the both of us.



Bob White 5511 Viking Dr. Houston, TX 77092

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Nancy Vick