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This page is dedicated to the telling of family history. All information contained here has been presented and prepared by the submitter. It is the intent to educate and enhance the experience of seeking out our roots through shared experiences. If you have any information about the county, cemeteries, etc. Here is the place to put specific information. Please submit your own story or special event about your family in ten lines or less. It must have taken place in Hancock Co Georgia.



PAULINE BRANDY Sat Jul 19 1997

The FLETCHER family of early (bef. 1815) Hancock Co., as found on tax lists + GA Land Lottery, etc.. Compiling info. at Thanks!


My Greatgreat Grandfather Glenn Alvin Harper married Charity Edith and lived on our family farm in Deveraux, GA. My Great Grandfather was Glenn Alvin Harper born 1884 married Mattie Turner. My Grandfather was Glenn Harper. The family farm house sets off of Sandy Run and is situated where the old Littie Roe house once stood. There are 2 cemeteries on the family farm. Unfortunately- one has been neglected and is no longer recognized, unless one knows where it is. One cemetery is of the Harper family.

Deciphering Old Handwriting Not only have our words and their meanings changed throughout the years, the way we form the letters have too. From a course taught by Sabina J. Murray.


Nancy Vick